If You Have Home Owner’s Insurance You Need a Home Inventory List

If You Have Home Owner’s Insurance You Need a Home Inventory List

Nobody wants to think about what would happen if their home was destroyed by a fire or natural disaster, but imagine what would happen if this happened to you. If you have home owner’s insurance you need a home inventory list. The purpose of having home owner’s insurance is to protect your property and belongings.

If you have to file a claim, having a record of all your possessions will insure that all of your belongings are accurately valued so that you can replace them. There is a good chance you won’t remember everything you own. Having a home inventory list will help you to get the most accurate replacement value for the items that need replaced, and also make sure every item is listed. Documenting what you own will make the process easier.

How to create a home inventory list

Use our home inventory memory jogger to write your list. Go through each section of the list one at a time and make sure everything is recorded. There is a good chance you will forget items like your mop, brooms, dish towels, extension cords, etc., but all of these items will need to be replaced. This is a comprehensive list to help you remember and record everything.

Other suggestions for documenting your home inventory list.

  • Make a written inventory of everything you own.
  • Take photos of expensive items like your computer, television, and furniture.
  • Walk through your home and take a video of every room.
  • Once you make your list, make sure it is stored somewhere safe. Keep your home inventory list, photos and videos in a fire-proof safe. You can also store everything digitally on the cloud.

Download our home inventory memory jogger.

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