Have a Home Insurance Claim -Why You Should Call Your Insurance Agent First!

Have a Home Insurance Claim -Why You Should Call Your Insurance Agent First!

While your insurance agent is not a claim’s adjuster, they do know the proper procedure as well as contacts that may benefit the client. So always call your agent first about your claim. You can discuss whether it is an actual claim (over the deductible) as well as the steps in the process.

Don’t get ripped off on home repairs!

We recently had an insured who had damage to their home. They let the home repair person handle everything. After $3,000 was paid out, the scam was completed. Our insured received $700 from the carrier after the deductible was applied. The reason for the low payout was there was no detail to the repairs. If you want to find the scam artists just look for a disaster area. They come in droves to prey upon the unknowing.

Home improvement and construction issues were the second most reported consumer complaints according to a 2018 survey by the Consumer Federation of America. Scam artists love to take advantage of home owners. Before you work with a home repair company, you should talk to your agent. Your insurance agent is a great resource. Your agent can help you make sure the repair work is covered and help you avoid scams.

Your insurance agent can help you get your claim paid

Another incident happened to a friend. He had damage to his home from a tornado. He tried to get his agent to help him as the carrier’s estimate was not enough for the repairs needed. While we were able to counsel him through the process it was tough as we were not the agent. It took a few months, but the parties came to a set tlement and the repairs were completed.

As agents one of our main jobs is to be good counsel to our clients. A good agent is a wealth of information for an insured at the time of loss. Sometimes claims can get complicated. This is where your insurance agent can help. We know the steps in the process and have experience to help you with your claim.

If you want to know how to get your insurer to pay your claims, call your agent first. We always recommend that our clients call us first in the event of a loss to ensure that they are informed and were properly protected.

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