Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we ask that you consider taking the following actions when interacting with our office:

  • COVID19 Update — 4-2-2020
    With the latest extension the office continues to remain temporarily closed to the public. However, we are still open for business. If you need service on your policy or are looking for a personal or commercial quote, you can contact us in the following ways:

    Emily – emily@precisionfinancial.net – 616.265.5736
    Robyn – robyn@precisionfinancial.net – 616.265.5732
    Zena – zena@precisionfinancial.net – 616.265.5733
    Pat – pat@precisionfinancial.net – 616.265.5737
    Laura – laura@precisionfinancial.net – 616.265.5730

    Si bien la oficina puede estar cerrada temporalmente, estamos abiertos para los negocios. Si necesita servicio en su póliza o está buscando una cotización personal o comercial, puede comunicarse con nosotros de las siguientes maneras:
    Karina (bi-lingual) – karina@precisionfinancial.net – 616.265.5735

    Everyone remember to keep your social distance and Be Safe!

  • If you normal pay your bill by coming to the office with cash, please use every effort to convert your cash onto a refillable debit card and contact us via telephone to process your payment.
  • If you are a business client, please keep track of your revenue during this time. There is a possibility of filing a claim under the business interruption coverage to recoup lost revenue due to COVID-19.

*Michigan’s Stay-at-home order has been extended to April, 30th.  We will keep you posted of any other changes. Please be sure to check out the web page and Facebook for future announcements.

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